Edmonton Art Jam – creation and inspiration

It makes sense to turn a hobby into a career. To spend life doing what we love most seems ideal. However, over time how we feel about these hobbies changes. Suddenly that hobby is a job and the aspect of fun can sometimes get lost in the work. If someone ever asked me how I keep my passion for photography strong I would tell them to shoot for yourself. Never limit time with the camera to paid work. After I graduated from my photographic technology course I wish I could say I was as in love with photography as ever. It was probably my lowest point since deciding I wanted to be a photographer years ago. Any opportunity to not pick it up was taken and I didn’t actively create new work for myself. I never thought that I wanted to stop doing photography, I just stopped enjoying it as much. Thankfully, I am surrounded every single day by so many talented and creative people who live to inspire others and themselves. Over time my passion slowly came back to me and in the process I found my own ways to keep the fire burning strong for myself and others. “Art jams” as we like to call them are basically an excuse for people of many sorts of talent to come together and decide how they can all create something. Each contributing how they choose. Painters, dancers, flow artists, photographers, jewelry artists, makeup artists, and writers I have all had art jams with. Slowly I have been progressing now into more costume work as well but the search continues for more creative endeavors. Today I would like to share some of my choice photos from one of my most recent art jams. The group working on this project was one of the biggest yet. I am proud to share our fun time photos from a great evening of sharing creativity! A Thank you extended to Ross, Matt, Jesse, Nina, Duncan, and Daniel for their participation!

IMG_0430IMG_0459IMG_0461IMG_0491 as Smart Object-1IMG_0508IMG_0540IMG_0552IMG_0570IMG_0583IMG_0621IMG_0625IMG_0677IMG_0678IMG_0688IMG_0698IMG_0708IMG_0727IMG_0738IMG_0746IMG_0771IMG_0792IMG_0839IMG_0857IMG_0869IMG_0904IMG_0908IMG_0922IMG_0932IMG_0943IMG_0956IMG_0968IMG_0969IMG_0990IMG_1066IMG_1102IMG_1134IMG_1156IMG_1182IMG_1251IMG_1275IMG_1279IMG_1293