Edmonton Children Themed Portrait Photography | Toastography | Stephanie T Photography

I have teased and made you all wait long enough! Here are the photos from my Alice in Wonderland Session with the Beautiful Karma!

Karma is the daughter of one of my best friends. So it makes me super excited to share this special shoot with you.

Megan (her mother) Spent a lot of time preparing props for this shoot, it meant a lot to her not only because its her daughter, but also her favorite movie.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do! Happy Tuesday lovelies!

Stay Toasty 🙂


Edmonton Model photography Toastography by Stephanie T

I will keep my words short on today’s post as my keyboard is hardly functioning. However, I couldn’t wait any longer to share these photos with all of you! This session means a lot to me because it combines the passion and effort of multiple people. It was a roller coaster trying to fit all our schedules together to make this happen. But after much planning and weeks of post editing the final result is ready to share with all of you! Model is Taneisha Picou, Makeup by Caellen Sanche and Jewelry by Kaley Kimmel of Kales Handcrafts (You can find her Jewelry page on Facebook in case you are interested). All these creative and vibrant ladies inspire me so much and bring me tons of joy. Here is what happens when people work together! My favorite shots from our recent spring shoot! Enjoy and have a beautiful weekend!~~

Stay Toasty

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Edmonton Yeg Maternity Photography {Toastography by Stephanie T}

Today I am sharing the lovely maternity session I had with the Knights’! I met Kacie when I was still in school for Photographic Technology at NAIT. When he were given our thesis assignment I naturally wanted to combine two things I love: Photography and Hoop Dancing. Kacie was one of the lovely ladies I photographed for my assignment. Her amazing personality shines so naturally that she was one awesome woman I would not forget! Now her family is awaiting the arrival of their baby girl anytime now! I was lucky enough to squeeze a last minute maternity shoot with them. Here are a few samples I would love to share with you! I threw in one of our plenty goofy photos at the end 🙂 This one was my fav! Have an awesome weekend ya’ll!



Edmonton Hula Hoop Dance Photography | Dagny Sanche | Toastography By Stephanie T

I am super excited every chance I get to mix multiple passions together! My friend Dagny is a sponsored hoop dancer for Ruby Hooping! Dagny hired me to do some portraits of her with her hoop. Being a fellow hoop dancer I was obviously on board. Back when I was at NAIT I did a Thesis Project where we picked one topic to make a portfolio of photos for and I picked hoop dancing and I have not had much opportunity since. I love the candid possibilities of catching someone in mid dance and pure happiness. The same happiness I feel when I am inside my own little plastic circle :). I have spent many hours today editing the photos and would love to share with you some of my very favorites here tonight! If you like what you see and want to see the rest of them keep an eye on Dagny’s page here. Visit Ruby hooping’s page here. And have a splendid evening!

Edmonton Engagement Photography | Laurier Park | Toastography

One of the best parts of my job is getting the chance to be there for important moments of people’s lives. The feeling is even sweeter when it is someone you have known for a long time. I have known Maxine since I moved to Spruce Grove when I was 14 years old. Now, nearly ten years later, I am getting ready to photograph her marriage to Patrick! I spent some time walking through the park with Patrick, Maxine, Bruno, and Minnie on a beautiful day this week to get some shots. Here are some of the shots we came out with!! IMG_0026IMG_0053IMG_0066IMG_0095IMG_0110IMG_0189IMG_0202IMG_0217