Edmonton Model photography Toastography by Stephanie T

I will keep my words short on today’s post as my keyboard is hardly functioning. However, I couldn’t wait any longer to share these photos with all of you! This session means a lot to me because it combines the passion and effort of multiple people. It was a roller coaster trying to fit all our schedules together to make this happen. But after much planning and weeks of post editing the final result is ready to share with all of you! Model is Taneisha Picou, Makeup by Caellen Sanche and Jewelry by Kaley Kimmel of Kales Handcrafts (You can find her Jewelry page on Facebook in case you are interested). All these creative and vibrant ladies inspire me so much and bring me tons of joy. Here is what happens when people work together! My favorite shots from our recent spring shoot! Enjoy and have a beautiful weekend!~~

Stay Toasty

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