Edmonton Hula Hoop Dance Photography | Dagny Sanche | Toastography By Stephanie T

I am super excited every chance I get to mix multiple passions together! My friend Dagny is a sponsored hoop dancer for Ruby Hooping! Dagny hired me to do some portraits of her with her hoop. Being a fellow hoop dancer I was obviously on board. Back when I was at NAIT I did a Thesis Project where we picked one topic to make a portfolio of photos for and I picked hoop dancing and I have not had much opportunity since. I love the candid possibilities of catching someone in mid dance and pure happiness. The same happiness I feel when I am inside my own little plastic circle :). I have spent many hours today editing the photos and would love to share with you some of my very favorites here tonight! If you like what you see and want to see the rest of them keep an eye on Dagny’s page here. Visit Ruby hooping’s page here. And have a splendid evening!