Summer Updates from a girl called toast

So as some of you have heard I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging. The start is very rocky trying to figure out where my blog flow will come in, but only time will find my groove. My life is going to be going through some drastic changes very soon and I am looking forward to the opportunity to be inspired by what is to come. Life is basically the most epic choose your own adventure when you think about it. Each page you read is taking it one day at a time. Then, you come to a page where you are given a few options. I hit the page recently where my house is being sold and I am left with the deciding page. Where do I go from here? When you aren’t tied to a location suddenly you notice that there is limitless potential.

That’s why, come the end of July, I am adventuring off to Vancouver City for a few months! As a business person the most important thing to me is networking. And do I ever socialize. With all my hobbies and jobs and contacts I get asked at times how I juggle a busy life. When your plate starts to pile up sometimes you just end up staring at it. Vancouver is going to be a time for focusing on all my passions of writing, photography, hoop dance, yoga, sightseeing, all around adventuring. {And living with my best friend, of course.} But I will be back for visits as I have a lot of exciting shoots booked for the summer! And I will still be taking bookings for specific weeks in Edmonton for those interested while I am away. This is going to be my first time living outside of Edmonton area. I am excited and anxious as I prepare for a very new experience. Stay tuned for blog posts about my adventures while I am gone! I look forward to sharing the experience and getting some feedback! On another note I have a couple creative portraiture assignments during July that will be going up on the blog. They are some unique experiences that I am already excited to share with you before they have even begun! I will leave you with this photo from my last visit to Vancouver in February. Have a splendid day!


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