Edmonton Art Showcase: Our Book

The past couple of months have been a ridiculous growing experience for me. As I make the transformation from student to full time photographer each day is full of uncertainty. Having your own business can be intimidating and requires much patience. It can also be a rewarding experience.  Not only seeing my creativity come to life, but realizing much along the way in regards to passion, inspiration, and influence. The power behind a one person show is the influence of many other people. Some of the major foundations for me have been my family. Constantly believing in me even when it seems like I may be tapping out, but the fire doesn’t die it just breathes one day at a time. However, I need to talk about another major influence in my life. I met this amazing guy a couple months ago who is a living example of true passion and real inspiration. There are few words to describe how much one person can give of their time and energy to inspire the globe. I am talking about my friend Duncan and his growing creation, Our book.




But I don’t want to be the one telling you about our book. As much as I am proud to now be a part of this project, photographing different languages and generations of our book as well as other related projects, Duncan’s rhyme schemes describe the project perfectly.

Our book is a neat little creation,
An open and group sourced, Creative Commons, global art demonstration.

It’s main mission is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
Scripted into Our Book in every translation, who knows what it will insight.

The U.N. recognizes 432 official translations,
We have 2 done, but more to follow as this project grows with sensation.

The project started March 29th, 2012 while living under some staircases in Calgary,
3 months after becoming full time art and leaving a cushy job with a salary.

Our Book also has a few side projects to share,
Books of quotes, Kiplings “If…”, as well as Our Poems to show we care.

At the moment we have a full Gandhi and Neil deGrasse Tyson book of quotes,
With more to follow, we need to capture all the brilliant things once wrote.

Rudyard Kiplings If, I’ve been collecting translations for over a decade now,
We’ve scripted in 22 languages so far, with 5 more to do, if you want to help, I can show you how.

Our Poems are written by folks for Our Book specifically,
With 5 done, more on the way, the first seed planted at the Rite of Spring initially.

Our Book is 54 pages of layer upon layer of art,
We paint over the words every time, so every day their are opportunities to take part.

Development of the binding process took a little over 1000 gifted books,
Primarily developed while I was working as cook.

After 30 months of development,  it is now a part of Edmontons nextfest 2014,
And with winning part of the Enbridge Award we can gift 3000 mini books, now Our Book will be seen.


Anonymouse Publishing and Productions


Basically, Our book is an inspiring source for creation. Creation of ideas and manifestation of art. The encouragement to grow as a global community in common practice not just of equal human rights, but to encourage self expression and art practice. If you want to know more about the project you can check out this link to a short local global news segment on the book. If you want to get involved, remember, this is your book too! Near or far, wherever you are!