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Happy Tuesday! Since I spent the weekend with my family/working for Easter I chose to skip the movie review for some quality time :). And for the next 3 weeks until i’m done school I will not be doing my Monday reviews because I simply do not have time to be watching a bunch of movies! Haha! However, it will be back in full swing once I am done school! Today, in the spirit of Easter, I have some adorable Easter photos to share! This little girl is like a sister to me. I was in her life from the day she was born and her smiling face brightens my day! When I was approached to do her Easter portraits I immedietly went out and started prop shopping! I dyed easter eggs for the FIRST time in my life for this shoot! I grew up painting Ukrainian style easter eggs, but never did the cheap colorful dip dye method! It was a ton of fun! Both the eggs and paper flowers were crafted by my best friend and I for this shoot, making these photos extra adorable! I really hope you enjoy my Easter photos of this Cute goober!