Edmonton Portrait Photographer Stephanie T Photography

Thank God It’s Friday!! Wow. What a long week it has been! I am very excited to share my most recent photoshoot with you for multiple reasons! 1. The model is a long time friend of mine! I met Stefanie when we were in Kindergarden and even though we went our seperate ways she contacted me not too long ago with a place she thought would be great for a shoot. 2. The location of this shoot! Stef took me to an old rusted brewery. This place was gorgeous for a shoot! Creative shoots that involve the molding of two minds is something so wonderful! I love having new places and new people to photograph. The resulting photos always remind me why I chose to be a photographer. When I see these images downloading on my computer I get so much energy and excitement by what I see. It fuels my passion and desire for what I do. So I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did. Comments are always welcome! Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. need shots for our or keeping please. beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl. that building is a great spot.

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